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Primary Care


Waypoint Medical provides comprehensive primary care to patients and visitors in the Clear Lake, IA, area and surrounding communities.


We go beyond what other medical facilities do. Our providers will help manage your health. From patients with chronic or complex medical conditions to those whose goal is simply to stay healthy, we deliver the health care you need with the service you expect.


An established relationship with a provider means you can better manage your health and wellness. We handle many conditions in our state-of-the-art clinic without a referral for outside imaging or lab work. If specialty care is required, we coordinate with the patient’s preferred specialist to provide comprehensive care.

Some of the common issues addressed with your primary healthcare provider include:

  • Annual physicals

  • Annual well-child exams

  • Sports and camp physicals

  • Chronic disease management

  • Mental health

  • High blood pressure

  • Health screenings

  • Heart disease

  • COPD and respiratory conditions

  • Routine cancer screenings (skin, breast, prostate, colorectal)

  • Prescription management

  • Coordination with specialists

  • Wellness resources (weight loss, smoking cessation, etc.)

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